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Published on: Aug 24 2012 by AhYumBanAnna

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What makes the collective kitchens of Whiskey Bacon run? It’s not just crazy and a craving for alcohol infused pork. Many of our recipes use these tools of the trade, which you’ll see mentioned in recipes as to how they make cooking easier. Yes, clicking these links gives us a little ‘bacon money’ but we promise to always share our bacon. So long as they get to the kitchen in time. Think you’ve got better kitchen aids that can get the job done better? Let us know! There’s nothing Whiskey Bacon loves as much as a challenge!

Bacon Scarf



You want it in you, and wrapped around you. Let’s face it, there’s no better way to stay warm than bundled up in a bacon scarf. Sure, we’re also wondering why edible bacon mittens isn’t a finger licking reality yet too. Someday. But in the meantime, there’s the Bacon Scarf to munch on.

The Bacon Scarf.

This is the scarf that’s fashionable enough to wear out to that a fancy restaurant serving a pasta pancetta with poached eggs. The scarf for going to award ceremonies (for when you win the best pork!), but also visiting the farm (who doesn’t love meeting the meat?)

It’s the bacon scarf for grown ups who know what they want. That’s why it’s a fully endorsed Whiskey Bacon scarf. (Not just because we own some of the first scarves!) But because it’s awesome.=

It's the bacon scarf for grown ups who know what they want. Fashionable enough to wear out to dinner but also to the farm.
Brand: Whiskey Bacon by Kristen
Manufacturer: Handmade
Model: Bacon 2.0
5 based on 5 reviews
$29.99 New
Bacon Scarf:
  • Height: 60 inches or one Leni tall  (varies)
  • Width: your neck or larger.
  • Smell: Completely in your head. Don’t be silly


Like those videos? Check out the full 30 second spot (Imagine the last five seconds are you eating bacon. Mmmm, bacon lies. Now we’re friends forever. Never mention the video’s actual length time.)

Old Price: $49.99

Price: $29.00

You save: $20.99

Shipping: $5.00

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