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Published on: Nov 23 2012 by NoBakeLeni

Every year there’s a thing called Small Business Saturday. Which is freaking crazy, because everyday should be small business day.  Now I know, you’re probably saying, “Fast food is cheap, fast – and I know where it is. It’s food that I know!”

Wrong. So many small family owned, non-franchised shops make that food you’ll recognize, tastes better and just is better for you, even if it costs a little more. (Let’s face it, you’re paying to live longer and happier when you DON’T eat fast food.) And in the time it takes to get your food, you can take to the people working there – they’re probably super nice (Or if you’re really stressing it, call ahead. Phones can actually do more than text and Google.) More than half of the places listed below are run by some of the nicest people too.

Still, the biggest issue, for us even, can be that no one you know wants to go out and try that new place with you. That’s why we have Whiskey Bacon’s  Traveling Circus. So you have food buddies. Presto! Never eat alone!

Here are few of the places we’ve frequented, as a group, as a blog, or individuals. This list should and will grow. We assure you of this. Eventually they should all get their own neat little posts, but until then, trust us. The food tastes great.

Aurants  (Review here.)  – Kangaroo. Ostrich. Crab. Lobster. Whatever is in. It’s different food. Fresh food. Great food.  $$$ Duryea, Pa.

Peking Chef –  Great, healthy, the better Chinese food. Best in NEPA. $$ Dallas Shopping Plaza –  Dallas, Pa. 

Kevin’s Bar and Grill (Review here.) Names are deceiving. So are appearances. Food? Impressive date night good.  – $$$ Kingston, Pa.

Theo’s Metro – Greek food, mini golf, bar, a waterfall, and flaming cheese! Say Opa! $$ Kingston, Pa. 

More food in the Back Mountain!

  • Bernies Pizza – A stand out pizza and fun selection of toppings in a town filled with pizzas. Facebook here$ 661 North Memorial Hwy Dallas, Pa 18612
  • Pizza Perfect – Thick deep fried pizza. It’s terrible in a good way. $ 16 Carverton Rd Shavertown, Pa 
  • Asaki Japanese – We do not have a sushi problem but… 1900 Memorial Hwy. Suite 5, Back Mountain Shopping Center, Shavertown, Pa
  • Bagel Art  – Bacon cheddar cream cheese. Bagels all day. Need I say more? $ 40 Memorial Hwy Dallas, PA
More food in Wilkes-Barre, Kingston!
  • Thai Thai Restaurant  – Great, full servings, served well. Go for your birthday! $$$ – 41 S Main St Wilkes-Barre, PA
Costs are based on a personal, frugal living estimate:
$- lower costs – in your once a week budget.
$$ – medium costs – in your once or twice a month budget.
$$$ – higher costs – in your once every month or so budget.

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