The Top 10 Whiskey Bacon Recipes of 2013

Published on: Dec 30 2013 by Gus the Lush

As 2013 comes to an end, we’re looking back on the year and smiling with very full bellies. We’ve had so many wonderful, delicious moments, and are so glad we were able to share them with each and every one of you. So we pulled what you, the readers most random and regular, have made our best and most tasty Whiskey Bacon recipes of 2013.

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1. Bourbon Caramel Tipped Bacon Roses – The perfect gift for someone you care about, these bourbon caramel tipped bacon roses are the best way tell someone you care. The recipe is fairly simple, but keep in mind the trickiest part is to form these bacon beauties into tasty, tender roses.


2. Easy Bacon Pesto Recipe – Whether you add it to pasta or eat it on a sandwich, this bacon pesto is a simple way to spruce up any dull meal!

Beer Bacon Bourbon-Jack Daniel's Whiskey Baked Bacon Recipe

3. Jack Daniels Whiskey Baked Bacon – As made famous at our 2012 Beer, Bacon & Bourbon event, these whiskey soaked slabs of pork will have you running back for more!

caramel bourbon glazed bacon recipe

4. Bourbon Caramel Bacon Recipe – Try not to be knocked on your knees by this sweet, salty, sinful bacon. Also served at our 2012 Beer, Bacon & Bourbon event, this bacon recipe was a favorite among many guests.


5. Maple Iced Bacon Corn Bread Cake – Bacon, maple syrup, and icing all come together to form this mouthwatering cake. This maple icing will melt in your mouth as the cake crumbles around bacon goodness.


6. Irish Cupcake Stout & Shot Recipe – Designed with St. Patrick’s Day in mind, these stout cupcakes will certainly bring you the luck of the Irish. The cupcakes are made with Guinness, and the icing with Irish whiskey, making these tiny bite sized shots of sugary goodness.

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7. Dark Chocolate Bacon Bourbon Caramels – If you like chocolate, bacon, bourbon and caramel, then you’ll love gobbling up these caramels. Tiny but delicious, they are simply adorable.


8. Homemade Bacon Cheese Sticks – Cheese + bacon, what’s not to love? We coated cheese sticks with bacon and pork rinds to create a salty, savory goodness.


9. Homemade Bacon Breakfast Tacos – When you think of breakfast you probably don’t think of tacos, but I bet you think of bacon. Now, imagine putting them together. These tasty breakfast tacos can even be made a head of time and stored in the fridge to eat later.

stove top whiskey cheese sauce pasta recipe-4

10. Stovetop Whiskey Bacon Cheese Sauce – Velvety, smokey and sweet, you won’t be able to say no to this cheese sauce. A collaboration of many good, ungodly delicious ideas, just pour and enjoy.

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