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Published on: Dec 16 2013 by Gus the Lush

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Bernie’s is a favorite for some of the Whiskey Bacon crew – but no soo much for the others.

We tested three different pies; the chicken wing, plain cheese and a special spinach, feta, and bacon pie.  The verdict was torn though in the group. Many pizza lovers passionately felt that pies were better down the road, at a few of Dallas’ many other pizza joints, such as Pizza Perfect’s Sicilian. Some say this pizza is one of the best for flavor and topping combination with an unbeatable price.

You can find out more about Bernie’s on Facebook, where they post delicious pizza’s almost daily. The place itself is easy to miss, down at the end of a strip mall.

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So rather than hear one person’s view,  we’re breaking down the pro’s and con’s of this Dallas pie maker in a totally non verbatim discussion. Because you don’t love pizza unless you’re willing to argue over it.

Leni and the Lovers:  It’s all about flavor, I enjoyed the fact that the pizza had taste to it. So many in this area don’t taste like much more than cheese and grease.

Gus: Bernie’s pizza’s crust is extremely thin. Definitely not pizza for the thick at heart like me.

Leni:  But the thinness also made it easy to make into a pizza sandwich – like a super pizza with crispy edges.

Gus: To be fair, I liked the cheese pizza, but I’m just not a fan of chicken wing.

Leni: Well that explains that, how about the feta, spinach and bacon?

Gus:  It had too much on it. Too much stuff.

Leni: Why don’t you get stuffed. I kid. Alright, how about the price? A lot of people are upset that the price of the pizzas at Bernie’s have gone up since they were college students.

Gus: I thought it was very well priced.

Leni: Oh well, at least we can agree on one thing, right?

Gus: Beer?

Leni: Yes, beer. Let’s go get some.

(Side note – they sell Root Beer at Bernie’s so you can totally eat in with a pie and root beer’s if that your style, or pop over to one of the 6 local bars for an after pizza party.)

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