Kettle Brand Kettle Chips – Review

Published on: Dec 02 2013 by Gus the Lush

Kettle Chips-6When a company sends us food it’s a good day. When a company sends us two bags of potato chips, one of which is called Maple Bacon, it’s even better! Made by Kettle Brand, Maple Bacon, and Sweet & Salty Kettle Chips are a refreshing change from the sea salt, vinegar or sour cream and onion chips you typically buy.

While tasty, the Sweet & Salty Kettle Chips were more salty than they were sweet. The Maple Bacon Kettle Chips, however, tasted both sweet and salty, much more deserving of the name. Both flavors came through really well with the Maple Bacon Kettle Chips, and the Sweet & Salty just couldn’t compete. Overall, we liked them both. They’re great snacking chips, not dipping chips for your bacon hummus or bacon sour cream. Each had a lot of flavor and went very well with beer. And that’s the pairing that really matters.

To learn more about Kettle Brand Chips and other new flavors check em out here:

Kettle Chips-2 Kettle Chips-3 Kettle Chips-4 Kettle Chips-5
Kettle Chips-7 Kettle Chips Kettle-Chips-and-Justin

sweet and salty kettle chips

Kettle Chips

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